Flowers Bring Joy

Flowers entice our senses to feel and express the joy of life. Cut flowers extend this feeling from the outside into our everyday spaces, especially when they grace our plates. We specialize in growing a delightful selection of edible blooms for chefs and events. For more information, let’s connect!

ready to head out to restaurants throughout Lamoille County

Cut Flowers

We believe that the connections made between us are enhanced by beauty in our lives. Fresh blooms offer us the opportunity to experience Joy or to share it with those we love. In 2022, we will be offering pop-up add-ons to Naked Acre Farm CSA members during the Summer and Autumn and potentially some for a new farmstand currently in the works.

bouquets heading to Foote Brook Farm, 2019

In the end, your support is a commitment to sustaining agriculture in Vermont, and we thank you for your belief in this livelihood as an economic and cultural backbone of our amazing state.

Our flowers are grown in rotation with my husband’s certified organic farm vegetables (Sign up for the vegetable CSA here!), so you rest assured they are fresh and safe to bring into your home or business.

a bucket of blooms — just delightful