Winter. Spring.

It’s been such a snowy year. From the amazingly early, deep Snowvember to the current 30″ + covering field and forest, this has been an epic year for local skiers, riders and outdoor enthusiasts. The thing about snow, is it covers up all the things. It lays to rest unfinished projects, piles of building materials, and the new field we didn’t quite have time to flip last Autumn. In this way, snow evens the landscape, allowing us to travel to places nearly impossible to visit when it’s warm. I feel fortunate to have taken time in between projects and winter work to hop on my skis and glide through the swampy sections of forest and visit some favorite lines in some nearby state forestlands.

It is truly Spring by the calendar, and by the amazing Full Sugar Moon (or Crow Moon, or Crust Moon, or…), the final full moon of Winter, becoming full on the very first day of Spring! The last few days it has risen to illuminate a landscape reemerging from the depths of this snowy season. I am excitedly embracing the shift, and each patch of driveway or grass or mud lightens the load of winter. Those once quieted projects from Autumn now speak up and demand attention to get the farm in order for the coming season.

Check back soon to see how the new greenhouse looks full of fresh starts. Until then, enjoy these last lingering snowy days, and thank the heavens for changing seasons.

soon, we will see the ground again! This is April 2018, right before it snowed again (haha)

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