Who We Are

Home Front Gardens is both a garden maintenance service and a flower growing operation. With over fifteen years of commercial growing experience, I focus on fostering the soil microbiome to grow exceptional flowers and shrubs, whether in a client’s gardenscape or in my own organic fields.

Farmer Genica foraging for foliage on the “South Side” of our farm

I am proud to work alongside my husband Ryan Z. Demarest, owner of Naked Acre Farm, who has grown certified organic vegetables for restaurants, grocers, and CSA for the past eight years. We met in 2016, and it’s been a whirlwind since that very first date. In 2017, we married and moved Ryan’s operations northward from Waterbury to our own land in Hyde Park, Vermont.

Here at the Naked Home Front, we are pleased to grow some of the finest vegetables and flowers this side of Mount Mansfield. Why grow up by the highest peak in the state of Vermont? For the simple reason that the mountains offer endless inspirations: wild places to ski and ride; intricate ecologies of flora and fauna; and a rich history of settlement and land-based economies. In farming here, we take our place in our community and benefit from all these mountains have to offer.

We are ever grateful to grow as stewards to this land, originally named Wôbanakik by the displaced Alnôbak, or Abenaki people. Though early in my research, I understand that the Missisquoi, Nulhegan and/or Ko’asek tribes may have lived among these forests and by our local Wintegok, or Lamoille River, prior to European encroachment. These people forever shaped this ground, and therefore touch our lives every waking day. We aim to honor them by engaging in practices to bolster the resilience of the land and our community.

post nuptials at the Village Tavern (no joke!) from our “first” wedding